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How is the process?

Once you have decided on the event of your choice, you can fill out our contact form quickly and easily. We will make a non-binding offer as soon as possible. If you accept this, our work begins. We are looking for the right location for you and prepare everything so far that you only have to appear punctually to the meeting point. There you will be welcomed by our staff, who will accompany you through the event and ensure a perfect flow.

What is TwoGoals job?

We organize the perfect event for you! From the first contact on we’ll help you with all your questions. Your individual event will be prepared by us and we will ensure a optimal process throughout the event! All you have to do is bring a good mood and arrive punctually at the meeting point 😉

Are the games suitable for children?

Each of our games is suitable for children. Just for bubble football, we recommend a minimum age of 10 years and a minimum size of 1.3m.

Number of players?

We offer our events starting with a group size of 8 persons. You may also like to participate with fewer people, but we have to charge the amount for 8 people for economic reasons. Basically, the more, the better! 😉 For groups over 17 people, we divide you into other teams – but of course you all play together.

Quality of the material?

It’s very important for us to offer the best possible quality. All our modules are made from the highest quality material available on the market.

Weight and height?

In most of our games, weight or size is completely irrelevant. Only Bubble Football has limits, because the Bubble Suits have to protect you in the full way. The minimum size is 1.3m and the maximum weight 120kg. Should you have players larger than 1.9m, please let us know before the event, so that we can pack enough of our XXL Bubble Balls.

Outfits, drinks, special requests?

You want drinks, a fun bachelorette outfit or a professional cameraman recording an unforgettable video for you? No problem! Just write us your wishes as a message or in the message field of our contact form and we will make sure that your wishes come true 😉

Cancellation of the booking?

Everything is possible! However, we ask for your understanding that we can not refund the full price for a withdrawal from 30 days before the event starts, because we have to cancel other requests for booked appointments. All information can be found in our ABG’s.

What is the XXL Football Fun Package?

The perfect combination of fun and football! You can choose from the most up-to-date football trend modules your 3 or 5 favorite games and put together your own event! The 3-game option gives you 90 minutes of play time and the 5-game option gives you 120 minutes. We provide the perfect day for every football fan. What are you waiting for? 😉

Where can you play?

The events usually take place in a location chosen by us. Therefore we choose a central location. In Hamburg, our event location is within walking distance of Hamburg Central Station. You can also call your own place where the event should take place, then we will make an individual offer.

Indoor or outdoor?

Currently we offer all events outdoors.


“There is no wrong weather, just the wrong clothes,” they say in Hamburg. We try to protect you from bad weather by avoiding a hall with rainy forecasts. So just dress sporty. Whether short or long pants and sports or football boots is up to you. However, we recommend that you put on long trousers when playing Bubble Football, because you get up over your knees. For safety reasons, cleats are prohibited.

Company party?

“The most important thing in the office is that the fun is not too short,” – that’s how we think! If you are planning a company party with fun, action and sports activities, then write us a message to and we will prepare and plan the event with you.


You can easily pay us by bank transfer. It is important that the payment takes place before the event.

Rules and hints?

Our goal is that you will have as much fun as possible – but of course the most basic rules of conduct should be followed. All further information can be found in our terms and conditions.

Support for promotional events?

The modules can also be booked and branded separately for external events. If you have any questions, please contact us at

If your question has not been answered here, please write us an email ( or WhatsApp message (+49 159 045 433 44) and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Even with the prices, we rely on fair play! Here are our offers.


Soccer trend games Germany
Football trend games Germany
Football fun games Germany


Bubble Football fun games Germany
Soccer fun games Germany
Soccer trend fun games Hamburg
Company Party Germany Idea

          SOCCER DARTS

Soccer Darts fun games Germany
Soccer trend fun games Bremen
Soccer trend fun games Kiel
Company Party Hamburg Idea


Childrens birthday party football Germany
Childrens birthday party soccer Germany

* VAT is already included in all prices. There are no additional costs.

The specified times are including a briefing, so that the playing game time is slightly shorter. Additional participants can be booked up to two days before the start of the event.

The prices are valid for events where we determine the event place – if you like to play at your own event place, we’ll make an individual offer for you.

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